Neil Gaiman On The Future Of Libraries

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Apparently, England has a library problem.

Budget cuts have forced their government to close hundreds of libraries since 2009. And The Library Campaign predicts 400 more will close by 2016, bringing the total to nearly 1,000.

That’s terribly sad.

During a recent lecture in London, Gaiman compared these library closures to stopping vaccination programs for children.

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Research Summary Sources

The Photographer’s Internet Handbook offers advice on how to find websites to put your photos on, what equipment to buy, how to digitize your images correctly, and how to do business on the internet. While the internet has change quite a bit since the book was written in 1997, it still offers useful information and guides on how to use the internet to your advantage as a photographer.

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Tackling Tumblr: Web Publishing Made Simple teaches new Tumblr users how to begin their blog by walking users through posts, quotes, links, photos, and audio clips. It tells you how to install themes, use comments on your site, how to create a custom theme for your personal blog, how to network, and how to link your Tumblr to other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

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Colin Puttington throws in his two cents about the best way to use Tumblr for your photographs. Also mentioned are the risks of not watermarking your photos when putting them on social sites (i.e. people stealing your work) and why it can actually be a good idea to post your photos to your personal Tumblr blog (i.e. promoting your work via your followers sharing your photos).

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Does Tumblr sound juvenile? It can be, but even revered magazine National Geographic has a Tumblr account. What do they do with it? They post photos of course! With minimal words and putting their photos in the spotlight, The National Geographic highlights how photos can be used on websites to their advantage. They have a certain words in their captions linked to the rest of the story on the magazine’s website. The National Geographic truly shows us that a picture can be worth a thousand words.
The Huffington Post uses Tumblr as a source for their personal bloggers. Not only do they post stories, but photos as well. As a news source, The Huffington Post shows us that Tumblr can be used to share information as well as photographs. For example, photographers from other sites or freelancers can be highlighted on the blog. This is a great way to showcase work and gain publicity.
Photodoto is a user friendly website that helps budding photographers learn the ropes as well as give us Tumblr blogs to look at for inspiration. Photodoto provides ebooks, courses, and guides to answer any questions that might come up about cameras, shots, and how to take a good photograph.
H&H Colorlab is a Tumblr blog that tells us why we should use Tumblr to showcase our photos. H&H gives reasons why people should choose Tumblr, and even tutorials on how to do all of the things they’re talking about like templates and static pages. They also talk about how great and welcoming the Tumblr community is as well as the ease of visibility for your posts.
Search Engine Journal says that Tumblr is the fastest growing social networking website out there. They also advise users how to properly use Tumblr to market your brand, which can also be your photography.  SEJ explains what feeds are, what a note is, as well as posts, comments, etc..
Sexy Social Media lays out the facts for why artists and photographers should use Tumblr for their work.  With reasons like sharing your work with the world, attracting an audience of millions, linking your posts to your professional site, selling your work, and connecting closely with your audience, it’s hard to dispute the reasons.

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