Picture Show



I took the above photo with my cell phone (Galaxy S3). Flash was used but I didn’t zoom; the camera was very close to the subject.


This photo was taken with my Nikon D3100. I used flash, auto focus, and the portrait setting. Although the flash was brighter from my phone, it might be too bright. I liked how just a few sequins were highlighted with the Nikon. I feel that this addresses simplicity because there is a simple background against a sort of complex object. The photo is kept simple because it’s not too crowded and there is only one subject.


Rule of Thirds


I took about a thousand pictures yesterday and ended up liking the one I took as I was laying on my stomach contemplating a nap in the grass. I like how visually interesting this photo is as well as the colors in it. The feather converges perfectly with the lines for the rule of thirds.


Think About Lighting


I took this with my iPhone this past winter. I really liked the playfulness of the light reflecting off the frost on my car. Lighting is important in this photo, obviously because it wouldn’t even be worth looking at without the streetlight beaming down in the wee hours of the morning.

Maximum Composition


I chose this as my maximum composition photo because it uses the rule of thirds, it has visual interest from the shadows caused by the lighting, and it’s a simple photo.


I love this photo; mostly because of the colors and the fact that it was taken in England, but I think this represents maximum composition completely. The simplicity of the sign goes well with the lighting and lights, and the rule of thirds applies because nothing is centered and it’s definitely a visually interesting piece. I found this wonderful photo on Moyan Brenn’s Flickr


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